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Common failure analysis and solution of CNC bending machine

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Mechanical bending machine
Fault one: slider and guide clearance is too large, the issue of abnormal sound.
Such failures are due to long time use of the guide rail, the gap is increased. Need to check the wear of the guide rail, the degree of wear and tear to determine whether to replace the guide rail, re adjusted to meet the requirements of the gap.
Fault two: after the gear transmission failure. The rear gear transmission failure is due to the key strip of the drive shaft and the synchronous belt pulley or the synchronous belt slip.
Such failures need to be re assembled with key strips and synchronous belts, and check the electrical parts.
Fault three: the parallel degree of linear guide rail and die center line is too large. This kind of failure need to loosen the "X" shaft synchronous belt, re adjust to the degree of parallelism tolerance range, to re device on the synchronous belt.
Fault four: the cylinder and the slider connection loose, causing bending angle is not allowed or the machine can not find a reference point.
Such failures need to check the slider tightening oil cylinder is connected with the nut.
Two. Hydraulic bending machine
Fault one: hydraulic system without pressure.
1, proportional relief valve solenoid coil is the power, the proportion of electromagnetic coil voltage is in line with the requirements, such as the above reasons, please check the relevant electrical reasons.
2, check the cartridge valve is stuck or the main spool is stuck dead, as well as the damping hole plug, if it is the reason, please remove the overflow valve to clean, re installed.
3 pm, the three-phase power supply, causing the motor reversal.
Fault two: fast to slow the slider, the time is too long.
1, check the tank oil level is too low, liquid filling port is not flooded, fast forward when the cylinder cavity filled with liquid suction caused by insufficient filling